There is still a great deal of research still to do to progress this archive.  If you have any data or photographs of Old Redditch Pubs or would like to help us research the topic, please get in touch.


One of the observations made about Redditch in the 19th centuary was its large number of Public Houses.  This is typical of an industrial town.  In this section we are attempting to record and document as many of those pubs as possible.

In addition to the pubs, it is known that there were also a large number of “Ale Houses”, private residences where beer was sold from a front room. We have not as yet tried to identify these or distinguish them from the pubs.

This map was created by  Ian Hayes.

It shows the location of many of Redditch’s pubs on Evesham Street, just one of the sites of many Redditch pubs.

Click the map to enlarge it.